Friday, April 21, 2017

8th grade year

My 8th grade year going pretty good, all I'm trying is graduate but I think it's gonna be harder than I thought because I alrighty got in trouble with the cop 2 times this year. And I got in trouble with school so many times. I got suspended for a week. I got -20 points for my field trip at the end of the year. This year I got more in trouble then 6th and 7th combined lmbo. How's your years going for you huh?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Yes, That’s the Way Things Are
Miroslav Kosek, Hanus Lowy, Bachner
In Terezin in the so-called park
A queer old granddad sit
Somewhere there in the so-called park.
He wears a beard down to his lap
And on his head, a little cap.
Hard crusts he crumbles in his gums,
He’s only got one single tooth.
My poor old man with working gums,
Instead of soft rolls, lentil soup.
My poor old graybeard!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our 6-0 streak

We are on a 6-0 streak, we number 1 on our division! And tomorrow we are playing Irving middle school. I am really proud of our team, we're doing great. I'm trying my best to play more but practicing. I hope we can win the playoffs again and bring home a trophy for our school. If we do that would make my year. I'm happy to hear my best friend Ronaldo is going to be back on the team in time playoff. Do you think heritage volleyball team will bring home the trophy?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Street love

street love is a book about two main characters. One character is named Junice, her mom is in jail and  she goes to this school in Harlem and also she got to take care of her little sister. The second character is named Damien he is 17, he goes to the same school as junice. Damien likes junice and he trying to make sure that junice and Damien will stay together forever in the gang city of Harlem. Junice is going to Memphis and Damien is trying to stop her. Read to find out if Damien get thier in time to stop junice.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Slice of life

A time I broke a promise was last week lmfao.  It not really funny but that promise I broke hurt a lot of people. And made me lose a lot of friends. But mostly on important friends. But just tell you when you promise to not tell no one just keep that promise cause if you break it you might lose a very important person. Have you broken a promise?

Slice of life

today in volleyball I suck so bad I didn't do very good. Idk why bumps wasn't on point. It's probably I'm stress on homework and practice and games And my points to go on this flied trip. Volleyball is the only thing that Keeps me forcus , if I don't got volleyball I won't be able do anything. My goal for volleyball is to bring home another title!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

True legend

I really like like this book because even your on the street you can make a name for yourself! for drew Robinson he made a nick name for himself it was true, drew true Robinson. He named himself this cause people compared him to Kobe, and Lebron. Robinson was really good at basketball and loved the sport like me, but anyway he get passing good and he do good in school not like me lol. And in school he get a lot attention from school and people. I really like this book because it teaches you to not be over cocky, and the pick wisely.